Production during COVID-19

Shooting during COVID-19 is no-problem.  We just need to take some measures to ensure everyones safety on set. The safety of our crew, clients and cast is our first priority. That is why we worked on a  protocol to follow during productions.

Our Protocol

︎ we always keep  1,5m distance on set.

︎ everybody wears a mask on set.

︎ Gloves and disinfectant on the set.

︎ Health checks on all crew, clients and cast the day prior to the shoot. And a final check on the production day(s).
︎ Everybody arranges his/her own transportation to set and travels alone as much as possible.

︎ Extra monitors and wireless connection for the client and art-director to review footage.

︎ Lunch/dinner boxes.

︎ Extra safety measures for MUA and stylist.

At Distance

At 500watt everyone has their own space where they can do everything you need as a client. From edit to image manipulating, grading, design, audio, etc. We can do it all from our own spaces. With modern software, it’s very easy to review projects with clients at a distance. For example, with the online review tool our clients can give feedback  so our creatives know exactly what needs to be done. Besides that we can always schedule a call meeting with Zoom or Hangout.