The Network

Casper Rila

Casper has developed his own style within commercial photography and makes editorial work for – among others – the magazines Esquire, Runnersworld, Quote, Soigneur, Santos and Wired. He is thinking through each project from A to Z while keeping unique locations and lighting in mind. Request an individual portfolio from Casper here.

Jet van Schie

Jet is a visual artist exploring the fantasy world of people and how this manifests itself in their lives. She is working for 010Publishing and Hofpleintheater Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, various magazines and fashion designers. Besides teaching at the WdKA she is already planning the next big project for Young Talents.

Request an individual portfolio from Jet here.

Minou Meijers

Minou is an allround makeup artist and hairstylist mainly focused on editorial and fashion looks and can be described as conceptual, bold and mostly colorful with a graphic touch. She has worked for Mizuno, Snurk, Poppodium 013, has been published at Coeval, i-D Magazine and many more.
Request an individual portfolio from Minou here.

Rosa Meininger

Rosa is an autonomous imagemaker and freelance photographer. She is fascinated by the personal archive, the role of photography on memory and its own reality. By placing her constantly growing archive in a different composition and context, she looks at different photographic constructions in an investigative way.
Request an individual portfolio from Rosa here.

Mathijs Labadie

Mathijs is a photographer based in Rotterdam exploring the notion of product design. He has worked for designers like Christien Meindertsma, Susan Bijl, Hella Jongerius and also for editorial clients like MacGuffin magazine. As busy as a production can get – you can be sure that he keeps a cool head and always knows which direction to go.
Request an individual portfolio from Mathijs here.

Robijn Voshol

Robijn Voshol is a cinematographer working for commercial brands like Hudson Bay, but is also diving into the field of music videos. He’s finishing every job with a smile and professional eye – even in the craziest circumstances.
Request an individual portfolio from Robijn here.

Hedwig Homoet

Hedwig Homoet is a hair stylist based in Rotterdam and has worked for clients such as Glodi Lugungu, Mizuno and many more. She’s not only making everyone look good with styling – she also lifts the mood of everyone on the set.

Request an individual portfolio from Hedwig here.

Ricardo Dutkowiak

Ricardo Dutkowiak is focusing on styled Portraiture & Lifestyle Photography. He often examines social topics in his imagery and has worked for clients such as Wetenschapsknooppunt TU Delft, Conny Janssen Danst or Ruhrliebe Hochzeitsplanung. He is not only a brilliant retoucher, but has got a solution for every tech-savvy question imaginable.

Request an individual portfolio from Ricardo here.

Andreas Drosdz

Andreas Drosdz has a background in communication design, now working in the field of filmmaking and does not shy away from doing project management. He has worked for commercial clients like Hugo Boss, Mizuno but also for several small non-profit organisations in New York, Stuttgart or Berlin.

Request an individual portfolio from Andreas here.

Jonathan Asmowidjojo

Jonathan is production assistant, editor and intern at 500watt. He does not only have the eye for the perfect shot, but also knows how to edit it for social media to attract your audience.

Michiel Boer

Michiel is drone operator, editor and intern at 500watt. Whether it is for catching the perfect sunset shot with a drone, editing a nice mood video for social media or quickly building up a set in the middle of a Motocross track – he is the guy to pull it off efficiently.

Martina Romano

The high-end retouching from Martina ranges from Beauty to Automotive, Editorial and Commercial.

Tim Roza

Tim has a very autonomous view on the cutting of the material. He has been working with documentary makers and artists with great success for years. We are very happy with the edits he made for us for Trek Bikes Europe.

Kees Riphagen

Kees is very good at editing commercials. In collaboration with him, we made various campaign videos for – among others – the Mizuno AW20 Running Shoes Campaign.

Request an individual portfolio from Kees here.